FMHP's Youth Program

The Paladins

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Our youth group is the most exciting and rewarding aspect of FMHP. What can we say? We love kids. The time, energy, and money it takes to invest in a youth's future is completely worth it, and to us, it just makes sense.

We've done this before and will soon do it again once we have what we need in place to make The Paladins rise and prosper. We've built youth groups from the ground up, and this time we're going to be even more creative, and more available, and meet more needs. 

One thing that makes The Paladins extra special is that some of the adults who will be leaders of the program are the youth we nurtured just a few years ago. Did we say this is rewarding? 

Hours will be extended to cover weekends, holidays, and later evenings - a need we became aware of in the past. We'll focus on the arts, building leadership skills, life skills, relationship and communication skills.

Right now, a group of folks who we call the "Clubhouse Brainstorming Committee" help us think and plan for this upcoming endeavor. John Lee McNair is the Lead Facilitator and currently planning a leaders' team building retreat for the group. 


If you would like to donate to the cause, please email the FMHP Director at or call 423-413-6216. We appreciate it!

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John Lee McNair, Paladins/Clubhouse Lead Facilitator

Clubhouse Brainstorm Committee Members:

Kayla Self

Julia Jackson

Konnie McKown

Colton Pankau

Benjamin Todd McEuen

Emily Miller

Meagan Williams

Brittney Pulcher

Ashleigh Beeler

Justin Beeler

Katina Williams

Aubrie Pankau